Paul Dano To Kill People For Rian Johnson

The THERE WILL BE BLOOD preacher becomes a hit man who kills people from the future.

Rian Johnson’s been putting together a heck of a cast for his Looper, a violent scifi film about hitmen tasked to murder people sent back from the future. He’s got the irascible Bruce Willis in his cast, and he’s got Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who starred in Rian’s first film, Brick. The lovely Emily Blunt has joined the cast, and the latest addition is none other than Eli/Paul Sunday himself, Paul Dano.

Dano will join Gordon-Levitt as a murdering Looper, but little else is known. Rian will be shooting next year in Louisiana, so I wouldn’t expect to see Looper until later in 2011.

This story is via The Playlist. Attribution was inadvertently left off because I was running to get on a plane! Sorry, Playlist.