The Further Adventures of the Racist Child Film Critic!

Andrew the hate mongering child film critic continues his one kid campaign against yucky interracial kisses in movies.

Andrew the racist child film critic has won our hearts here at Badass Digest. We respond to his venomous hate for everbod who isn’t an inbred cracker with only love. Okay, love and some condescending sniggering as well. Thanks to Badass Operative NickRob we’ve located other episodes of the Andrew Show, and we can enjoy the budding KKK member’s take on many different movies.

Here Andrew is joined by his friend Alex and a pug. They discuss The Princess and the Frog, which is good for black kids apparently. Due to the fact that voodoo doctors worship the devil it’s not so good for white kids.

Here Andrew talks about all the things white people made, like airplanes, cars and clothes. Not so sure he’s totally correct on that last one.

In this one Andrew has another guest - this time it’s a puppet and Andrew wonders to the puppet whether Justin Bieber ever kissed a black girl. Good question, Andrew.

Andrew has some things in common with you - for instance he didn’t much like the GI Joe movie. But his reasoning is, as always, his own. Yup, an interracial kiss. Andrew is really, really fixated on miscegenation.