An Awe-Inspiring Assembly of 80s and 90s Icons Sing “Let It Be”

A cornucopia of has beens and once weres gather before a green screen to do a little Beatles. For Norwegian TV.

Norwegian TV show Gylne Tider (Golden Times, and not to be confused with a similarly named pop group from the 70s) has assembled an unreal group of 80s and 90s stars to sing Let It Be in front of  a green screen. Some of the people you’ll see singing in this video:

Dolph Lundgren
Jason Alexander
Daryl Hannah
Josie Bissett
Steve Guttenberg
Tonya Harding
Glenn Close
Sheryl Lee
Larry Drake
Malcolm Jamal Warner
Judd Nelson
Rick Schroeder
Robert Englund
Fab from Milli Vanilli
Dee Snider
Right Said Fred
Rednex (when they popped up I knew I loved this video)
The kid who played young Forrest Gump
Lou Ferrigno

and more! Including a bunch of international stars. I especially love the things for which these people are credited. Ricky Schroeder’s credit is The Champ.

Last week we brought you comedians singing We Are the World, which was great but nobody was actually trying.  This time almost every single one of these people (except Kathleen Turner, who doesn’t even sing!) seems to be really belting it out. I love the vision of Malcolm Jamal Warner doing his best, probably hoping for a record deal.

UPDATE: It’s been brought up in the comments that the celebs seem  to all be lip synching to the Bryan Ferry ‘Ferry Aid” Let It Be single, although a couple do seem to be singing OVER that track.

Thanks to Brendan Bell for sending this over.