Give us this day our daily trailer! Before Donnie Yen was an international badass he was… a wanna be bboy? MISMATCHED COUPLES isn’t just a Hong Kong comedy starring the future action star, it’s a Hong Kong action comedy directed by one of the greatest fight choreographers in history.

Long before he was an international action star, Donnie Yen was making a living. And Mismatched Couples is one way he was doing it. A very 80s sort of film, Mismatched Couples finds Donnie Yen as

a young slacker who breakdances to his own beat while also displaying his prodigious martial arts ability. He tries to hide his naughtiness from his sister Ying (Wong Wan-Si), but as soon as she’s out of sight, he reveals his hip wackiness to the world. Eddie is the type of guy who’ll turn on a synthesizer beat right when he wakes up, attach flashy stickers to his plain hoodie for instant street cred, and generally act in an acrobatic, groovy manner even when nobody’s looking. Why? Because apparently, Eddie rocks.

That’s from a LoveHKFilm review; I haven’t actually seen Mismatched Couples, but I’ve grooved on this weird trailer many times. Looking like a big stupid sitcom, this movie actually has tennis played with a bike. It seems to hit all the 80s tropes, including having the bad guy be an evil fitness instructor.

As if Donnie Yen starring isn’t enough to make this more than a curiosity, Mismatched Couples is directed by Yuen Woo Ping (who also stars as the nerdy guy), best known to American audiences as the action director on movies like The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Kill Bill Part II.