Geek Deal: The GODFATHER House For Sale

The Corleone Compound in Staten Island is up for sale, and if you have 3 million extra dollars laying around you too can close the door on Kay.

If I had a lot of money I would buy not only the house from the original The Godfather, recently put up for sale in Staten Island, but also the Corleone manse from The Godfather, Part II, which I peeked in on during my last trip to Lake Tahoe. Imagine having bicoastal Godfather digs. This is how you would know you made it.

The Corleone compound from the original The Godfather is located in New York City’s worst borough, Staten Island, and after 50 years living there, the Norton family is moving on. And the place is going for just 2.9 million dollars. A bargain!

One of the earliest stories I ran here at BAD was the fact that the original Amityville Horror house was up for sale; I like the idea of just moving into the movie location speculation market. After this year’s Oscars I need to see if any of the featured property is available, and then in 20 years I can make a killing on it.

With some movie property the production just shoots an exterior and moves on; this was not the case with The Godfather. Francis Ford Coppola’s crew stayed there for a year and half. They built the walls and the gatehouse surrounding the house in the film; the Norton family still has some of the fake stone walls that were featured in the movie. The family also documented the entire behind the scenes process, photographing all the construction and shooting.

If you want to own the Corleone compound, click here to get in on the action.

Check out this Fox News NY segment about the house:

via Gothamist