Disney finds cash cow, locks cash cow into long term contract, milks cash cow until blood squirts from teats.

There is a group of pirates damned to forever sail the seas looking for gold. No, I’m not relating the plot of the first Pirates of the Caribbean but rather explaining the future of the franchise, which is already gearing up for two more installments.

Drew McWeeny at HitFix reports that Disney looks at the fourth Pirates film, On Stranger Tides, as the start of a brand new trilogy, and that they intend to shoot the second and third films back to back. That’s the same way they shot the original trilogy, and that’s how we ended up with a dense, over-packed third movie, which ended the first trilogy on a fairly sour note.

HitFix notes that the timing of these sequels is in question, with Johnny Depp committed to at least two blockbuster films next year - Dark Shadows and The Lone Ranger. When will there be time to shoot? I’m happy for the films to be put off for a long time, until decent scripts can be hammered out - and can be edited into coherent stories.