The MAD MEN D&D Alignment Chart May Be Sexist

What’s the alignment of your favorite MAD MEN character? And has the internet’s sexist hate of Betty Draper found its way into this alignment chart?

Betty isn’t evil. At all. Frankly, I think it’s sexist that she keeps getting pigeonholed as the bad guy on the show when she’s no more bad than many of the men. Her crime - she’s not that much fun. Which is why the truly evil Roger Sterling gets to be Neutral Evil on the chart. He’s fun. We like watching him. But unlike Betty, Roger deliberately hurts people, and he does it for his own pleasure. He’s mean and he’s untrustworthy and he’s vain and he’s selfish. Truly Chaotic Evil.

If you wanted to assign Betty a Chaotic alignment, it has to be Chaotic Neutral. And really, if you truly wanted someone in the Chaotic Evil slot it should probably be Duck. He did try shitting on someone’s chair this season.

What do you think? Weigh in with your Mad Men alignment rankings below.

chart via the Knights of Badassdom Twitter feed.