Guillermo Del Toro Could Climb THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS This Summer

It’s been a long, hard road but it looks like GdT gets a shot at his dream project in just six months. And we couldn’t be happier.

I’m in snowy Ohio right now and the summer feels farther away than ever. But I just got a delightful blast of sun and warmth when I read that Guillermo del Toro hopes to start shooting At the Mountains of Madness this summer- perhaps as early as this June.

Del Toro sat down with the LA Times and talked about all of his many, many projects, and he updated the paper on the status of his 3D, R-rated adaptation of an HP Lovecraft story:

In fact, just last week Del Toro met with studio Universal for the so-called summit meeting in which he walked executives through his concepts and models for the movie. The script is also ready, he said.

So how soon could shooting begin? This summer, he hopes, and possibly as early as June, according to the filmmaker.

Del Toro also says that producer James Cameron is more than just a figurehead who is helping him get the funding for his vision:

“In his subtle style he said to me, ‘I have a few notes, but I have one fatal flaw [that I see in the script],’” Del Toro recalled. “He pointed out one thing that was big. I’ve been thinking about this for 35 years, and he pointed out something I’d never seen.”