Artwork For A Heavyweight

Cool art and shirts inspired by THE FIGHTER are now on sale… with all proceeds going to a charity. What are you waiting for? Click through!

Paramount Pictures is doing some interesting tie-ins for The Fighter, David O. Russell’s Oscar contender about Irish Mickey Ward. No, they’re not doing toys or Happy Meals - they did an art show with The Fighter as the theme, and now some of the art is available for you to buy.

It ranges from the affordable - the print above is ten bucks - to the collectible - gorgeous paintings hand painted on real boxing gloves. I love how they’re doing something less than ordinary with this movie, and how they’re reaching out to an audience beyond the blue haired Academy voters.

Click here to visit Gallery 1988, who is selling prints, shirts and original artwork inspired by The Fighter. All proceeds go to Mickey Ward’s charity (see here), so you’re getting cool stuff and doing good work, all at once.