Paramount Enters the “Moon Conspiracy Movie” Sweepstakes With TRANSFORMERS 3

2011 will see THREE movies featuring the concept that we secretly discovered aliens on the Moon in 1969. One of them is by Michael Bay.

The first teaser trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon (lol) has hit the web, and it’s pretty good. Reminiscent of the original Mars Rover trailer for the original film, the entire thing tells a mini-story about Apollo 11 discovering and exploring a crashed Cybertronian ship on the dark side of the Moon.

This means that Paramount has entered the ‘We found aliens on the Moon’ movie race - there will be no less then THREE movies with that theme in 2011. The first out the gate will be Apollo 18, which is getting herded through production right now by the Weinsteins. Warner Bros has Dark Moon, from the guy who made the awful The Fourth Kind. And now Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Actually, this is old news - I was the first to report to the world that the film would open in the 60s and reveal that the Transformers were the real impetus behind the Space Race (read that report here).