Tom Hardy Will Teach Shia Labeouf How To Be A Man

Tom and Shia join the cast of John Hillcoat’s long-percolating, Nick Cave-written film about a family of 1920s bootleggers.

But share screen time they will. The LA Times is reporting that LaBeouf and Hardy are joining John Hillcoat’s next film, The Wettest County in the World, which has a screenplay by Nick Cave based on Matt Bondurant’s novel. The Wettest County in the World, huh? Sounds like it’s about my girlfriend’s panties every time Tom Hardy comes on screen.

Here’s the Booklist description of the book upon which the movie is based:

This family saga follows the Bondurants, bootlegging brothers runnin’ stills, runnin’ loads, and runnin’ from the law in Depression-era Virginia. The book is mainly narrated through the experience of the youngest Bondurant, Jack (in truth, a grandfather of the author), and his family’s moonshine enterprise supplies the action in a plot that evokes the culture of distilling and distributing white lightning. To optimistic Jack, bootlegging is both a bond to his older brothers, Forrest and Howard, and a means to make cash to impress a girl. Forrest, by contrast, is taciturn and suspicious: the world is violent, and he meets it on that ground. Tender of the stills and imbiber from same, burly Howard is always ready to take on the Bondurants’ enemies, corrupt law officers. Wending through this conflict in flash-forward mode is novelist Sherwood Anderson, who plumbs the Bondurant story a few years after the brothers’ climactic confrontation with the county sheriff. Descriptively gritty and emotionally resonant, novelist Bondurant dramatically projects the poverty and danger at the heart of the old-time bootlegging life.

I imagine that LaBeouf is playing Jack, while either older brother could be the role Hardy takes on.