Are There Spoilers In The First Day of SPIDER-MAN Shooting Pics?

Here’s Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy on the set of the SPIDER-MAN reboot. But whose funeral is she attending?

The reboot of Spider-Man is shooting right now. I’m working on getting some solid info about the story, but in the meantime some paparazzi photos from the set make me think that what we have here are some pretty strong spoilers.

It’s Emma Stone with her blonde hair as Gwen Stacy (fun fact: Stone is actually a natural blonde) and she looks, to me, to be at  a funeral. I mean, that’s what sad and in the rain usually means, right?

Now here’s the spoiler for those not familiar with the comics:

It seems likely that the corpse is none other than Captain Stacy, aka Denis Leary, aka Gwen’s dad. You can see the police in dress uniform behind her in some of the shots. I was wondering when Captain Stacy, who famously bit it in the comics at the hands of Doctor Octopus (Spidey was, of course, blamed) would die - would it be the first film or would he make it to the sequel? Looks like we have our answer.

For more photos, visit Just Jared.

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