Howard Stern Reups With Sirius Satellite Radio

The King of All Media keeps talking to Sirius subscribers for another five years.

The self-proclaimed King of All Media continues to reign. Howard Stern has renegotiated with Sirius Satellite Radio and will be back for five more years on the service. Stern hasn’t announced what he’s making, but his previous deal was $500 million, so you have to expect this was at least the same. Jesus.

Stern says that this will be his last five years on the radio, but he’s been saying that for about ever; I used to listen to Stern in the 80s and 90s and he was always threatening to quit. I gave up on Stern a decade ago; at one time he was a legitimate underdog, and rooting for his semi-nasty ways was fun. Now he’s just a big bully, and the guy on the top of the heap being mean to other people is much, much less fun. It feels like Stern lost his heart a long, long time ago.

Interesting side note for fans of British comedy: while traveling with Chris Morris to promote Four Lions, the director told me he used to be a huge fan of Stern. He pointed to Stern’s 9/11 coverage as some of the best radio he had ever heard. That’s saying a lot from Morris, who made his bones on radio. Chris Morris actually looks sort of like Stern, believe it or not.