Scott Ian Is Writing DC Comics’ THE DEMON

Longtime comic nerd guitarist of Anthrax will be writing the adventures of DC’s Etrigan the Demon.

Awww, caught in a run of issues about Etrigan the Demon.

Scott Ian, guitarist of the immortal band Anthrax, is returning to comics with a run on The Demon, the comic about the rhyming devil created by Jack Kirby. This seems like a perfect fit - heavy metal guy doing something about hell. Maybe he can put all his soul selling and Satan worshipping to good use now.

By the way, I say ‘returning’ because Ian wrote a run of Lobo comic last year. Which I didn’t read, so I don’t know how good he is.

Here’s hoping Ian’s run refers to his legendary band SOD and is titled Speak Verse or Die.

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via Bleeding Cool