The Imaginarium of Guillermo Del Toro

GdT opens his own production studio. That’s pretty damn cool.

It’s a good thing I never get sick of running stories about Guillermo del Toro, because this guy loves to keep busy. When he’s not promoting a book or stumping for Scott Pilgrim or preparing his dream project, At The Mountains of Madness, it turns out GdT is opening up his own studio.

Called Mirada, del Toro says the place is ‘an imaginarium,’ and a ‘resource for filmmakers.’ It’s a studio space in Marina Del Ray, and the Hollywood Reporter describes it thus:

A company that aims to be a space for he and other filmmakers to incubate and launch projects for a broad spectrum of medium… Mirada features an art department, a soundstage to facilitate traditional and virtual productions and a full camera shop. It will operate as a concept facility, a visual effects facility and a commercial production facility.

Del Toro has founded Mirada with the great cinematographer Guillermo Navarro and Mathew Cullen and Javier Jimenez. “I think the future of storytelling needs to be very, very rooted in tradition but very nimble toward the future,” Del Toro said, “and that’s the philosophy behind the company.”

It’s exciting to see GdT branch out into something like this, giving himself and other great filmmakers a place to really stretch their wings. I have to get myself a tour of this place and report back to you guys ASAP.