iPad 2 Could Be Actually Worth Buying

The iPad 2 could have a forward facing camera, creating the world’s best videophone.

Snarky headline aside, we have an iPad in my home and I love it. It’s a great device which won me over despite a ton of skepticism. But even loving the iPad, it’s easy to see how fundamentally flawed it is - where’s the goddamned camera? This thing is a perfect, ideal videophone, but it doesn’t have a camera.

That looks to be changing. Reuters is reporting that the iPad 2 is coming early next year and it has not one but two cameras, one of which is forward facing. That means you’ll be able to use Apple’s FaceTime application on the iPad, which opens up a brand new world of possibility.

The new iPad will also probably have the iPhone 4’s retina display, and it should be lighter - which is another major boon. The current iPad is just the tiniest bit too heavy.

What I would like to see is Apple put a goddamned kickstand on the thing, but that’ll never happen.

Do you have an iPad? Are you waiting for the iPad 2? Weigh in below.