Christian Bale Almost Sings A Song From NEWSIES, Opts For POWERPUFF GIRLS

While promoting THE FIGHTER Christian Bale shows unusual good humor, and even hums a few bars of the NEWSIES song Santa Fe.

I have long wanted Christian Bale to lighten the fuck up, and it seems like he's doing that now. His performance as Dicky in The Fighter is filled with plenty of crackhead pathos, but there's also a lightness and humor about it that feels almost stunning coming from this guy. I guess he can smile when he's playing a psycho killer or a drug addict.

Anyway, it's a great performance and he's obviously headed for an Oscar nom with it. Maybe he knows it, since he's been seemingly more relaxed and less uptight while doing the press rounds. That old whore Peter Travers sat down with him and Marky Mark and tried to exploit that relaxed nature and get Bale to sing a selection from Newsies, but Bale was resistant. He sings a little bit... before going into the Powerpuff Girls theme.