Here Comes The Badass Email Newsletter

Stay up to date with the latest badass happenings around here with our brand new email newsletter.

You may have noticed the box directly to the right where you can input your email address. This doesn’t exist just so we can sell your email to Nigerian scammers* - we have an email newsletter.

Or at least we will very soon. The first edition of the Badass Digest Email Newsletter will be hitting inboxes in the next 24 hours or less. It’s going to be a look back at the week that was here at BAD, and it’ll include links to some of our most popular - and most overlooked - posts from the last seven days.

In the future the newsletter will include original content available only to subscribers, early warnings on cool events and opportunities, subscriber-only contests and more. And everyone who signs up gets to brag that they’re a duly deputized Badass Brigadier.

We’re just getting started here, and things are only going to get cooler. We have amazing plans for the coming months and we want you to be in on them. So sign up now and get in on the ground floor.

* we don’t, I promise.