HOUSE OF THE DEVIL Director Ti West Gonna Knock You Out At The Magnolia Holiday Party

Just because he’s an indie filmmaker doesn’t mean he can’t break a guy’s nose.

This morning I awoke and saw this tweet:

[blackbirdpie url=“!/outcastmarc/status/15794715811127296”]

This set me off on a hunt for the truth. This isn’t a gossip site by any means, but sometimes something so hilarious and awesome happens that it must be covered. This was one of those times.

A couple of other tweets from last night began pointing me in the right direction. I did more research, made some calls, asked around and discovered the truth:

Ti West has a mean punch. The director of House of the Devil and The Roost was at the Magnolia Pictures holiday party last night when he got into a confrontation with another partygoer (whose identity we’re holding on to for the moment); reports say the partygoer called Ti out for being ‘an egotistical prick,’ and then poured a beer on Ti. West punched the other fellow and crack! - his nose was broken. Blood was everywhere, the other partygoer went to the hospital and Ti was apparently stunned at the damage he had done.

If only Ti could put this much action in his movies.

Indie filmmakers get rough, too. We’ll keep you up to date on any possible legal ramifications of this little to-do.