Olly Moss Does The Original STAR WARS Trilogy For Mondo

Artist Olly Moss brings his elegant vision to the original films of the STAR WARS trilogy, and it’s beautiful.

If I were forced to pick a favorite artist who has worked with Mondo on their many poster series, I would have to go with Olly Moss (but only if I were forced! It’s like picking your favorite child*). Olly is lending his art to Mondo’s continuing series of Star Wars posters with not one, not two but three posters - one for each film in the original trilogy.

And they’re amazing. Simple, clean, elegant and beautiful. And on sale Monday, December 20th. As usual you should follow Mondo’s twitter @mondonews for the exact announcement of when they’ll be available. I imagine the print run is low. The collectability is high.

May the Moss be with you.

* that’s usually the first born.