This New FRINGE Ad May Actually Get Me To Watch

A new ad for FRINGE directly confronts the prospect of moving into the Friday night ‘death slot.’

Yeah, I’ve heard lots of people say they like Fringe; I take genre show recommendations with a grain of salt, to be honest, and I’m fairly demanding about what I watch. The show doesn’t really have a pedigree that interests me, and it never quite grabbed me. The first season sits somewhere on my Netflix queue, ready to surprise me some day in the mail.

Or maybe I’ll move it up. The new ad for the show is clever and cute and self-aware, playing with the idea that Friday nights are the ‘death slot.’ They are; for all the bravado of the ad, it’s obvious that a show aimed at 18-35 year olds is doomed on a Friday night. But good work on a funny ad, and one that might get me watching sooner rather than later.