TWILIGHT Screenwriter Bringing Little-Known Marvel Comics Character To TV

Jessica Jones, former superheroine turned PI, could be getting her own ABC show this fall.

We knew that Marvel Studios was making a run at our TV screens, and we knew that a revival of The Incredible Hulk was one of their first planned shows. But now it looks like Jessica Jones will be the first Marvel character to get a small screen appearance.

“Who?” you ask. I don’t blame you - Jessica Jones isn’t one of the Marvel A list (no matter how very, very hard Brian Michael Bendis tries to insert her into every single thing he writes), but she is one of the most intriguing characters to come from The House of Ideas in a good long while. Debuting in the comic Alias (no relation to the JJ Abrams show), Jones was a former superhero turned private eye who smoked, drank and dated lower-tier heroes like the new Ant-Man and Luke Cage*. Her cases tended to involve superheroic stuff, since she knew that community from her days in spandex as the superstrong heroine Jewel.

Alias was a book with a great concept that felt like it spiraled out of control pretty quickly; I think there was a lot of mileage to be gotten out of the basic conceit of the series, and creator Bendis seemed to get tired of it fairly quickly.

Which makes it a great idea for a TV show, where I imagine the PI to the heroes element will be more the focus. To be called AKA Jessica Jones, the TV show is being created by Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote all the Twilight films, and it’s being developed for the Fall 2011 schedule. I don’t want to judge Rosenberg by Twilight, since she was hemmed in by the novels, so she gets the benefit of the doubt.

The big question for me is how much in the Marvel Universe will AKA Jessica Jones be set? Will Jones date Luke Cage? Will she be friends with Miss Marvel, Carol Danvers? Will there be recognizable villains? I’m assuming she won’t have gone to high school with Peter Parker on the show…

via Variety

* in one of the great moments of comic fan goofiness a scene of Cage doing Jones doggystyle (this was an ‘adult’ comic, you see) was interpreted as him fucking her in the ass.