Nathan Fillion Fanboy Embarrasses Himself In Front of David O. Russell

One nerd takes his crusade for Nathan Fillion to star in UNCHARTED right to that film’s director.

This video, found via JoBlo, made me so very, very uncomfortable. I’ve witnessed stuff like this in real life and it’s always painful, always embarrassing and always sad.

This dude attended a screening of The Fighter at the Arclight here in LA and cornered director David O. Russell afterwards. The mission: not to compliment the film or anything but to advocate for the hiring of Nathan Fillion in the adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune the video game, to which Russell is attached. Currently Mark Wahlberg is pegged to star.

Nathan Fillion is the new Bruce Campbell in that he’s the most fancasted person in the world right now, but few take the extra steps to accost a director and plead the actor’s case. Russell doesn’t know who Fillion is, and he’s fairly polite to the fan, which is nice of him.

The whole Nathan Fillion thing is pretty interesting to me. I think he’s fine and likable, and I enjoyed him on Buffy and in Slither, but I’ve never understood the obsessive interest fandom has in the guy. I think there’s something inherently non-threatening about Fillion, and that could be why he’s a fan fave. I’m sure a bunch of you reading this are huge Fillion fans - what is it about him that has you so wound up in believing that he’s the next big thing? And why do you think most of Hollywood doesn’t see it that way? Serious questions, and I’m interested in your answers. I mean, I get it to some extent - I like Jensen Ackles a little too much - but I would never take it to the length that Fillion fans do.

BTW: I wouldn’t hold my breath on Uncharted definitely being Russell’s next film. Let’s see how The Fighter does at the Oscars and then he may decide he wants to do something that isn’t a likely doomed to failure video game adaptation (just going by the track record of video game adaptations).

Extra embarrassment points for this video come from the shockingly poor spelling in the subtitles.