New To The Badass Gift Guide: A Koran Written In Saddam Hussein’s Blood

Saddam Hussein once had an entire Koran written in his blood. Now the question of what to do with it rages: Should it show up in an episode of SUPERNATURAL or does it deserve its own Dan Brown series?

The Koran, which with its hand calligraphy is reputed to beautiful if grisly, has been locked away since Iraq fell. Now the question of what to do with this macabre artifact is dividing people; some think it should be destroyed, as should any trace of Saddam’s rule, while others feel it’s a legitimate historical artifact.

Whatever happens to the Koran I fully expect to see it turn up in all kinds of horror stories, films and episodes of Supernatural. Is it too much to hope that Kim Jong-Il has been working on a blood version of The Necronomicon?

via The Guardian