Our Daily Trailer – War On Christmas Day 1: THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE

Give us this day our daily trailer. A witch! A magic ring! A talking Christmas tree! A giant! Santa Claus tied to a chair! A budget of about 56 bucks! All this and (a little bit) more in THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but we’re a bunch of Scrooges here at Badass Digest, so the Our Daily Trailer is going to feature the weirdest, creepiest, oddest and most fucked up Christmas movies of all time.

First up: The Magic Christmas Tree from 1964. A low budget fever dream of a movie, this film uses all the usual Christmas tropes: evil witches, talking trees that grant wishes and a semi-bondage scene with Santa Claus tied to a chair. But don’t worry, it’s all a dream in the service of teaching us what really matters at Christmas.

The Magic Christmas Tree is pretty hard to find… unless you live in Austin, where it’s showing at the Alamo Ritz at Weird Wednesday. This Wednesday at 12:30 (it’s just an hour long, so don’t worry too much); drop the acid at about 11:45 for best results.