The New Optimism: Maybe The ALIEN Prequel Won’t Be Horrible

HR Giger is involved in the ALIEN prequel. Can the designer of the original Xenomorph bring new magic to the film? And will that be enough to make it not horrible? Devin hopes so.

It’s taken me a while to get here, but I think I’ve finally found something positive about the upcoming Alien prequel. Ridley Scott directing it is a mixed bag; yeah, he’s a great director but he’s become increasingly hit and miss in his old age, and I think he may have lost sight of stuff like ‘storytelling,’ which was never his biggest interest in the first place. But still, Scott on board is better than some young buck commercial director who is schtupping his daughter or whatever.

Second, I talked to someone in the know who promised me that the story would be taking off from an interesting place and would explore truly intriguing elements of the Alien universe, which only contracted into itself in the sequels. Of course I heard this almost a year ago, and we all know that a year is an eternity on a Scott film - just look at how much Robin Hood changed in one year. The entire story was different when the movie was released than when the script was originally purchased.

But what really gives me a glimmer of hope is the news that HR Giger is, in some capacity, onboard. Giger hasn’t been involved with the Alien films since Fincher’s Alien 3, so he’s been away from that universe for a while. It’s unclear how involved he is - Slashfilm’s Russ Fischer rightly notes that it’s Giger’s wife making the statement and that she says there are two films, which Fox has debunked, so maybe they aren’t that in the loop - but I’m being optimistic and imagining that Scott is tasking Giger to create a whole culture for the Space Jockey, who is supposed to be featured in the prequel.

We live in an age when the geekbait properties get lots of support but still tend to disappoint. It seems likely that the only way an Alien prequel will be good is if we compare it to every other movie featuring a Xenomorph released over the past decade, but I still hold out hope. And with Scott and Giger back together again maybe that hope can become reality and we can end up with an actually decent film.

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