This Is One Way To Sell A Lot Of Video Cameras

Do you swing? Do you want to lug around a huge camcorder while you do so? Are you in 1972? You’re in luck - the AKAI Video Tape Recorder is made just for you, according to this sexy, sexy ad.

If you’re not Facebook friends with the Incredibly Strange Film Festival you’re missing out. Yeah, you probably won’t ever make it to New Zealand to see the madness these Kiwis put together in person but their Facebook page is a steady stream of magic.

Magic like this 1972 ad from Penthouse, selling “Video Tape Recorders.” VTRs were the hot new accessory and they cost an arm and a leg. Just as today there were legions of gadget-minded men who wanted the next big thing but the prices could get in the way, so Akai came upon a perfect way to sell their machines.

The ad you see promises:

Every buyer of an AKAI VTR will receive a personal invitation from one of the provocative Penthouse Pets to attend a video taping session—with her—in a city near them.

Sign me up!

The whole ad is about fucking on tape:

You’ll wrack your brain to think of a place you can’t use a video tape recorder. We’re showing only one of thousands of ways to get it on…on video tape…

The camera can be hand held or tripod mounted for “hands off” operation. If home movies have tickled your imagination, but the fuss of bothering with film has kept you from enjoying the fun, look into the thrill of owning an AKAI portable VTR.

I can only imagine the research Don Draper did to put this particular campaign together.