Holy Shit, Elijah Wood Is So Creepy

Elijah Wood grows a mustache that makes me uncomfortable and romps at the Bunny Museum.

Hey did you know that Elijah Wood is on Twitter? (follow him @woodelijah ) You may know Elijah from his time on the jury at Fantastic Fest this year, or perhaps the 1994 film North. It turns out he’s also getting involved in the funny video business, which Funny or Die has made very hip once again (seriously, doesn’t FOD feel like what Saturday Night Live was in the 70s?).

He just tweeted a link to this video, an ad for The Bunny Museum. Watch the ultra creepily mustachioed Wood in the video and then come back for a surprise twist.

The Bunny Museum is a real place! It’s in Pasadena, just east of LA. It seems like one of the weirdest places that has ever existed. Check out their website right here.

The Bunny Museum is open (by appointment) 365 days out of the year. Judging by the way they supported this video they have a reasonable sense of humor about it all.