Re-Imagining The Monsters Of Dungeons & Dragons

A couple of artists tackle a new Dungeons & Dragons monster every week. The result is surprisingly delightful.

When I was a young man I would spend hours poring over the Monster Manual and the Fiend Folio; it wasn’t just the huge diversity of the monsters of Dungeons & Dragons that intrigued me but the images. I love the old illustrations from the original editions of those books; unpolished and sort of amateur, they were a reminder that this was a low tech game you played mostly in your head.

Over the years the monsters of D&D have been drawn, painted, rendered, made into toys and even put into one of the worst live action movies I have ever seen. Now two artists are re-imagining them in a fun, loose style that’s one part dweeby and one part begging to be an art print. Every Sunday artists Blanca and Joe pick another monster and illustrate it and write  a little bit about it on their site Dungeons and Drawings. And with the weird diversity of D&D monsters they have a huge number from which to choose.

Click here to visit the site.

via Mental Floss