The Badass Digest QWOP Challenge

QWOP is so hard it’s no fun, but it’s so silly it’s hilarious to watch. Your challenge: complete a 100m run in QWOP and win a prize!

QWOP could be the hardest and the silliest game I have ever played on the internet. It’s like it was designed by someone who has no understanding of physics or human anatomy, and that’s half the fun.

You’re QWOP, the only Olympian in your tiny nation. You’re running the 100m dash. You have to control your thighs with the Q & W keys and your calves with O & P keys. You tend to flail about and fall.

So here’s the challenge: The first four Badass Brigadiers who can get 100m in QWOP and prove it with a screenshot or video will earn a secret DVD prize.

Click here to play QWOP.

Don’t bother sending in any shops; I can tell by the pixels and having seen a few shops in my time. You should post your picture or your video in the comments below.

Here’s a video of a guy playing QWOP. Enjoy: