Kevin Smith’s RED STATE Trailer Looks Different (From Other Smith Movies)

Kevin Smith embraces the low budget indie horror look that was omnipresent a couple of years ago.

The reaction to the trailer for Red State, Kevin Smith’s foray into horror, has been positive on the Twitter. Everybody is congratulating Smith for a trailer that looks very different from his own work. Which is true - this looks nothing like a “Kevin Smith” movie. It does, however, look exactly like a low budget indie horror film I might have seen at Screamfest or Fantastic Fest four or five years ago.

What do you think? After Cop Out are we just happy he’s got a camera that moves (albeit one that moves shakily in the ‘we couldn’t even afford a tripod’ aesthetic)? Is the glut of low budget indie semi-torture porn horror only a problem for jokers like me, who insist on watching them at film festivals all the time? Are you excited about Red State?