The TRUE GRIT Open Thread

Another year, another great Coen Brothers film. TRUE GRIT is out in theaters - what did you think?

I’ve seen True Grit twice now and the film just keeps growing on me. It’s a wonderful bit of craftsmanship, and on the first viewing you really enjoy the language and the filmmaking. On the second viewing the characters open themselves up to you in big ways, especially Rooster. I can only imagine a third viewing will keep rewarding; many of the best Coen films are like that, films built to be enjoyed again and again.

It’s out in theaters now, and you’ve probably seen it or are getting ready to see it. What did you think? Did you like it as much as I did (it made my top ten of the year)? Were you underwhelmed? Are you just that rare person with terrible taste who doesn’t like the Coen Brothers? Weigh in below.

To refresh, here’s my review of the movie.