Beer Dispensed By Magic!

A new beer technology allows your glass to be filled from the bottom instead of poured.

What devilry is this?

It’s the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, which claims to be nine times faster than any other beer dispensing technology (ie, taps). I’m guessing this is the kind of thing you only want to use with truly shitty beer like  Bud or Coors Lite, but hell, sometimes we drink that swill as well. And when we drink that swill we want that swill delivered quickly.

The secret here is that the cups are specially manufactured; they have a hole in the bottom which is sealed with a magnet (the company that makes this will sell you prime magnet real estate to advertise your business!). I imagine the possibility exists for some hilarious messes to be made if someone handles the machine wrong, but on the whole this looks like it could change the way you wait for beer at ball games or other massive events.