FALLING SKIES Teaser Promises Familiar Elements Stitched Together For TV

Steven Spielberg has an alien invasion show hitting TNT in the summer. Here’s your first sneak preview.

The TV series War of the Worlds was terrible, but I dug the second season, where things got tough for the humans and they were fighting the aliens from more of an underground angle. And of course I’m a huge fan of the original V, which saw humans engaging in guerrilla warfare with the lizardy Visitors. So for me there’s a definite interest in the new TNT series produced by Steven Spielberg, Falling Skies, which sees former ER doc Noah Wylie trying to fend off an alien invasion of Earth.

There’s a preview online; nothing in here looks particularly new, and I’m concerned about the long-term prospects of a show like this (will it be just retreading tired ground week after week, can the budget stay up high enough to not make it a cheesefest?), but I’ll certainly be trying it out.

Moon Bloodgood co-stars, and the show starts in June of 2011.