HARRY POTTER Reshoots Bring The Official End To The Series

The POTTER gang get back together for one final round of shooting that should mark the very, very, very end of the franchise.

It’s a long way to say goodbye when the final film in your franchise is chopped in half. And it gets even longer when you’re called back in for reshoots. Such is the case for the eternal farewell tour of the Harry Potter cast and crew; with one half of Deathly Hallows released they’re probably resting up before promoting the last half. But before they could do that they had to reconvene in Leavesden Studios for one last round of reshoots.

The scene in question could be the most important one in Deathly Hallows Part 2 - the epilogue. Feel free to quit reading here if you don’t know the book, since this is all spoiler central henceforth.

You’ve been warned.

The actors got back together to put on new old age makeup for the scene where the now-grown Hogwarts students go see their own children off to their first year at school. They shot this bit a year ago, but apparently the old age makeup wasn’t up to snuff. They may have also replaced the young actors playing the children of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco, although I can’t quite tell. To get a look at the new Potter child and the new Malfoy child, click here. Scorpius Malfoy in particular looks quite good.

That should be the last bit of shooting ever done on this franchise, barring a sudden cash grab in the future. And we can never bar a sudden cash grab!