Guy Who Bugged David O Russell About UNCHARTED Is Worse Than We Imagined

Meet Greg Blessing. He’s going to spend six minutes telling you about the 44 second video that made him sort of almost vaguely internet famous.

You may remember the guy who video taped himself bugging David O Russell about having Nathan Fillion star in the adaptation of Uncharted instead of Mark Wahlberg. If you don’t, you can watch that cringe-inducing video here.

If at the time you felt bad for the dude, thinking he was just a nervous fanboy who was fighting for his geek dreams, think again. Turns out he’s kind of an insufferable ding dong. How do I know? He made a follow-up video!

In the follow-up video he calls women ‘dudettes,’ he talks about how much Uncharted means to him like emotionally, how much it means to his girlfriend (who he declares a hot chick) - but not as much as it means to him! -, he compares Mark Wahlberg playing the lead in the film to him wearing blackface, insists he’s not a nerd with no life and then warns us, the viewer, not to mess with his Uncharted. He also tells us to check IMDB if we want to learn that Mark Wahlberg is only rumored to play Drake Fortune.

So enjoy (if that’s the right word) Greg Blessing’s attempt to harness his fifteen seconds of viral video fame. He’s turned that into an irritating, boring and meandering six minute video. I dare you to watch the whole thing.

Thanks to Brian Collins for sharing this.