Look How Handsome Tomar Re Is In GREEN LANTERN

A good look at the chicken/fish alien who mentors Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan in GREEN LANTERN.

That’s Tomar Re, an alien who is part fish, part chicken, all Green Lantern. One of the heroic members of the Green Lantern Corps, headquartered on the planet Oa, which is in the dead center of the galaxy, Tomar Re serves as a mentor to Hal Jordan, the new Green Lantern from Earth.

That’s the story in this summer’s Green Lantern film; now you can get a look at what Tomar Re looks like all rendered. We’ve had glimpses of him before, and I saw extensive designs for the character when I visited the set, but this seems to be the best look we’ve gotten.

The big question: who’s his voice? When I was on set there were some voices that were being used temporarily for CGI characters like Tomar Re and Kilowog, and I know that the filmmakers would like to make the temp voices the real voices, but I’ve heard nothing about deals since then. I don’t think I’m at liberty to say whose voice they were using for Tomar Re, but it looks like the filmmakers and the fancasters were like-minded.

via Comic Book Movie