Our Daily Trailer: MS. 45

Give us this day our daily trailer! Rape/revenge continues with Abel Ferrara’s truly messed up MS. 45.

Obviously inspired by They Call Her One Eye, Ms. 45 has a mute seamstress getting raped twice and then taking matters into her own hands, with the titular .45. What’s great about Ferrara’s vision is how it escalates - she isn’t just taking revenge; by the end of the movie she’s killing any man she sees.

There are some famous images from Ms. 45, many of which are in the trailer, such as the nun get-up and the great scene where our heroine is surrounded by thugs and shoots her way out. It’s a gritty, ugly, awesome movie which isn’t currently available on region 1 DVD. Synapse, where are you when we need you? Wait, how about we get Moises to call his buddies at the Criterion Collection?