Slow News Day: Tonya Harding Erotic Fiction Will Leave You Screaming “Whyyyy?”

Yes, erotic fiction about Tonya Harding exists. And yes, she hosts it on her own website.

I could either do like the other sites do and run a stupid Star Wars marijuana video or I could share with you erotic fantasies posted on Tonya Harding’s official website.

Let’s read erotic fantasies!

It’s important to remember that these are posted on Tonya’s OFFICIAL website. These are also not to be read by anyone under 18, or those valuing their sanity.

Fantasy Message #: 3429
Subject: going down
From: Mr Pulka,  34 yr old Male
Date: Thursday, July 01, 2010 @9:43 PM pacific time
Rating: 9
I was at the radisson plaza in Kalamazoo MI. I was in the upper floor under the penthouse. I walked to the elevator to go down to the bar and have a drink. As the doors opened I noticed Tonya Harding standing in the elevator, I proceeded. I casually asked Tonya how is your night to which she replied, “Just another day beating up guys and girls, time for a good stiff drink” So I asked Tonya,“lets have a good drink downstairs”. to which she accepted.
We sat at the bar unknown to the rest of the on-goers at the bar. We started talking about Olympics and how cute she looked in them tights. She told me she has heard that thousands of times. Then went on to tell me that she needed something new. Something that was not so normal. She then leaned into me and grabbed my inner thigh. With a startled look Tonya said,“Wow thinking of me in them tights are we”
We then proceeded to the elevator, To which she wrapped her legs around me pressing her “Tight” body against me. She took her hands down my pants and without a thought wrapped her lips around my appendage. The pleasure threw me against the wall of the elevator. I was going to explode. My body trembling with excitement I could not stand.
As we left the elevator with my pants undone Tonya said,“Want to see what I look like in my tight skin instead"to which I could not say “no” too. She took me to her room, slammed me on the bed. Jumped on me and said,“lick me raw”. I started tasting her inner thigh and loved every drop of it. Tonya started to ask me to stick it to her. I kept licking, as she trembled in pleasure. I told her to bend over and soften up her ass by a little slap. She wanted more and more. As I thrusted her and kept going on over and over again. She will be calling me when she is in Michigan again!

I like that he puts ‘tight’ in quotes when talking about her body. Even Tonya’s weirdo admirers have to be realistic about what she’s become. Let’s also note that there are dozens of fantasies written in 2010.

Fantasy Message #: 3427
Subject: Three Way
From: Sarah,  42 yr old Female
Date: Monday, June 21, 2010 @10:54 AM pacific time
Rating: 10

I have never made love to a woman although I have fantasized about it. The #1 object of my fantasies over the years has been Tonya Harding. Now to be clear, I am talking about the old Tonya from the time she was a world class skater.

In my fantasy I am watching her skate at a big competition. Chills run down my spine as I take in her unique combination of power and grace. I whisper to my boyfriend that watching Tonya is making me hot. That seems to worry and excite him at the same time. Since we are covered under a blanket, I guide his hand to my wet pussy and he excites my clit as I watch Tonya skate.

After the competition, we go back to our hotel. My boyfriend fucks me like I’ve never been fucked before. After we’re done, there is a knock on the door. I open the door and am shocked to see it is Tonya Harding!

Tonya says that she is in the room next door. She notes that we were making a lot of noise. As I babble out my apology, Tonya asks about my boyfriend. She says he must be really good in bed to make me cum like that.

I shyly ask him to come out. I explain that Tonya heard everything and came to complain. Tonya says that she was not really complaining and that she was curious about what she heard. She asks my boyfriend’s name and laughs when she learns his name is Jeff.

My Jeff boldly tells her that he’s seen her sex film. Tonya seems a little embarassed when I tell her that I’ve seen it to. She asks if I was impressed by her Jeff. I surprise her by telling her that I was more turned on by her.

Tonya asks if we could “share” my boyfriend. I tell her of course. She removes his boxers and gasps when she sees his five and a half inch limp dick. He groans as she takes him into her mouth and soon he is at his full seven inches.

Tonya removes her clothes. I can’t believe what’s happening. As she sucks my man, I begin to fondle her titties. I’ve never felt another woman’s breasts before. Eventually I make my way down to her wet pussy. It is unbelievable to me that my head is between the powerful thighs of the great Tonya Harding!!!

It is music to my ears when Tonya tells Jeff “your girlfriend really knows how to eat pussy!”. Tonya screams as I work her clit, cumming over and over.

Tonya then goes on her hands and knees and tells Jeff to fuck her. She tells him his cock is “too fucking big” and that he needs to go slower. She says that she wants to eat my pussy. As Jeff fucks her from behind, she goes down on me. There is no question she is more talented with her tongue than any man I’ve been with.

Jeff shouts that he’s about to cum. Immediately I feel a pang of jealousy and I insist that he not cum in Tonya. He pulls out and begs me to let him finish. I furiously milk his cock until he shoots a massive load all over my face and boobs. Meanwhile, Tonya is watching intensely, humping her own hand and cumming with us in unison.

Tonya quickly gets dressed, thanks us for a good time and says she’s late for an appointment. After she leaves, we never see her again.

Simply horrifying!

Fantasy Message #: 3409
Subject: Me & T doi
From: Kensey Pete,  23 yr old Female
Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 @7:30 PM pacific time
Rating: 10

I take Tonya to Chili’s and then she looks into my eyes. Then when I take her home she asks if I want to spend the night at her house and then when I do she lets me stick my wiener in her and move around for 5-20 minutes, but no longer. Then in the morning we eat cereal and she makes french toast EXACTLY like my mom and she shows me all her trophies.

I don’t think someone is taking the erotic fantasy section too seriously here.

For HUNDREDS MORE visit the Tonya Harding website.

Thanks to my friend Pauline for inflicting this on her Facebook friends.