We’ll Get A Look At Hawkeye Before THE AVENGERS

The Marvel Universe’s archer will be making a cameo appearance in an upcoming Marvel movie. Which one? If I told you here you’d have no reason to click on through.

Marvel Marvel Marvel! I take time out from writing a timely editorial about Secret Wars II to bring you this news that has been repurposed from The Wrap: Hawkeye will appear in Thor.

This had been reported (right from Jeremy Renner’s mouth) a while ago in Empire Online, but then the actor was forced to lie about it in subsequent interviews. Now someone close to The Wrap has seen a cut of Thor and says Hawkeye appears, but doesn’t specify where or how.

This person also says that Nick Fury does not appear, as Samuel L Jackson has said in the past. The next time we’ll see Nick will be in the wraparound modern day segments of Captain America. Maybe. Remember that much of the Nick Fury stuff in Iron Man 2 - including that final bit about the Avengers Initiative, where Fury tells Stark he’s  not suitable - was shot last minute and added in. It’s still possible that Marvel may squeeze in a Nick Fury or Tony Stark cameo before it’s all said and done.

I just want to know if Hawkeye is appearing in costume - in either Thor or The Avengers. I’m afraid they’re going to turn him into a guy in a SHIELD suit or a trench coat. I want purple!