Video: Montage 2010: The Year In The Year In Cinema Montages

This has been a great year for montages of the year in cinema. Badass Digest is proud to present Montage 2010, the web’s only montage looking back at the year in end of the year montages.

It’s the end of the year, which means a number of enterprising editors begin uploading montages to YouTube. These montages look back at the year in cinema, finding highlights, iconic moments and grace notes and stringing them together in one clip.

This year we decided to recognize the montage makers with Montage 2010: The Year In The Year In Cinema Montages. Our own Roger Erik Tinch (follow him @tinch) spent countless hours going through these montages and constructed the piece you find below. After the video we’ve listed all of the montages found in the montage.


Quick-eyed viewers will recognize the following montages:

2010: At the Movies

2010: The Winners Are

2010: Scenes From A Year In Film

Cinema 2010

Filmography 2010

and of course

2010: The Cinescape