Here Come The Red Lanterns

DC’s Green Lantern family of titles gets some new blood - literally - with an ongoing Red Lanterns title. Confused? We explain the whole new spectrum of Lanterns within.

In this case it’s an emotional spectrum. Yeah, I don’t know that Willpower is an emotion either, but run with it. These are the current roster of Corps:

Red Lantern Corps: Their rings are fueled by rage.

Agent Orange: Greed is the power source of the orange light, so of course there’s only one ring-bearer. No Corps here.

Sinestro Corps (the Yellow): They use fear, the opposite of will.

Blue Lantern Corps: Hope is what fuels the Blue Lanterns.

Indigo Tribe: Still mysterious, they harness the power of compassion.

Star Sapphires (the Violet): They use the power of love. Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s longtime lady friend (played by Blake Lively in the movie) is a Star Sapphire.

Now you’re up to speed on the emotional spectrum and the different Corps that go with it, here’s the news: DC is launching an ongoing title for one of them, and they’ve got a great writer on board. The Red Lantern Corps is getting their own title, and Peter Milligan is writing it.

Milligan has always been at his best when tackling stuff that’s slightly off. He wrote Shade the Changing Man for Vertigo, as well as the really amazing original run of X-Statix. He’s not been on my radar so much lately, and I hope the weird choice to give a book to a bunch of guys motivated not by anger but sheer rage is the sort of odd thing that brings out his best. For the love of god, the leader of the Red Lantern Corps is named Atrocitus.

If you’re sick of straight up superhero books the Green Lantern family of titles is serving up some really interesting space opera these days. It’s a welcome change from standard stories of superheroes and supervillains, and I recommend checking them out.

Looking to catch up? You should read Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns

, the book which collects the Red Lantern Corps’ first appearance.