Cast Photo Reminds Us They Remade RED DAWN

A cast photo from the delayed remake of the 1984 action favorite.

Red Dawn is a remake of the classically cheesy 1980s film where Russians invade America. This new version, directed by the action guy from the Bourne franchise, Dan Bradley, has the Chinese invading. They shot it in Detroit to get the correct after the war feel.

This film stars Chris Hemsworth - the new Thor himself - as well as Josh Peck, who was in The Wackness, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki and more. Go to the Daily Blam, who somehow got their hands on this photo, for a full list of who you’re looking at.

There’s a chance that Red Dawn will come out in 2011 as MGM restructures, but I don’t know that I would mark my calendars just yet.

BTW: It’s worth noting, and I’m sure all of you were smart enough to figure this out from the big wrinkly curtain in the background, that this is not a still from the movie. It’s a costume test picture. But my sources tell me these costumes are pretty much what they wear in the film (a shirt or two may have changed), and it gives you a good flavor for what the new batch of Wolverines look like.