Company That Makes ROCK BAND Sells For Less Than A ROCK BAND 3 Disc

Vivendi sells Harmonix, developers of ROCK BAND, for a song. Or more like the cost of about 20 downloaded songs from the game. Does this mean the music gaming franchise has come to an end?

$49.99. That’s what it cost investment group Columbus Nova to buy Harmonix, the developer who makes Rock Band, the superior plastic instrument game. Now, that’s a little misleading - Columbus Nova paid 50 bucks, but they also accept all of Harmonix’s liabilities - which includes unsold games and peripherals as well as big time music licensing fees. That’s a hefty amount of money, in all likelihood.

But what does this mean for Rock Band? Columbus Nova had previously made a statement saying they are “really excited about backing the world-class team that has consistently produced such great games and helping them grow the company and its brands.” But it’s hard to wonder how much they’re going to really support Harmonix and how much they’re going to break it up into component pieces and sell it off.

It’s a pity, because Rock Band 3’s keyboard is pretty cool, and it opens up all new realms of DLC for the game. I know some of the luster is off the plastic instrument genre, but I still regularly download new DLC, and I’ve been holding out hope that Rock Band would get Neil Young and/or Bruce Springsteen. Probably shouldn’t hold my breath.