Gareth Edwards Goes From MONSTERS To King Of The Monsters: GODZILLA

Britain’s low budget scifi wunderkind gets his shot at the big man himself: Godzilla.

Gareth Edwards’ Monsters is a wonderful film that plays right into my theory that we’re living in the middle of a Golden Age of Indie Scifi; while the titular monsters are there, and menacing and awesome, the film is really a relationship piece set against the backdrop of a Mexico infested with space beasts. That’s the best kind of movie, one where the genre elements support the emotional elements.

The second best kind of movie is where the genre elements are totally kick ass and fun and sort of the central attraction. That has been the impetus of the best Godzilla films over the decades. Now Legendary Pictures, who is rebooting Big G for another American go-round, has turned to Edwards to helm the next Godzilla movie. Does this mean the film will have a slowly unfolding love story at the center? Will Godzilla be a background character? Will Edwards do the FX on his home system like he did with Monsters?

Edwards will work with a writer on a new script; here’s hoping that they don’t make us wait until 2014 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Big Fella. And here’s hoping that Edwards is the right man for the job; it’s a big leap from Monsters to even a scaled down Godzilla, and it’s not a leap every filmmaker is great at making.

via Heat Vision Blog