Bill Murray Campaigning For Badass Hall Of Fame By Crashing Private Karaoke Room

Bill Murray proves he is the coolest man alive.

Bill Murray came to Fantastic Fest a couple of years ago before The Highball opened; that’s too bad, because judging by the escapades he recently got into in New York he might have liked visiting one of the private karaoke rooms.

By now you’ve heard the stories of Murray sneaking up behind strangers, covering their eyes and saying ‘No one will ever believe this happened to you’ or something similar. You’ve probably also heard the stories of Bill showing up at random parties and stuff (supposedly he did all the dishes after one frat party).

The Chive has the latest escapade: Bill showed up in a private karaoke room in New York City and even sang a duet. And there are pictures to prove it.

At some point he bought us all a round of some weird green drink and wouldn’t tell us what it was. I later found out it was Chartreuse some French liqueur made by monks. Apparently you are supposed to sip it ... like an idiot I just shot it down.

The high point was when Bill and I sang a duet of an Elvis song called, “Marie’s the Name.” Random I know, but so was the night. We were all drinking and dancing and screaming our asses off.

How awesome is Bill Murray? See the rest of the pics at The Chive. And to that girl singing next to Bill: you gots to stand up when you sing!

Thanks to Mike Sampson for tweeting this.