Get A Hummingbird All Up In Yo Face

A hummingbird feeder you wear ON YOUR FACE.

Hummingbirds are weird. We didn’t have them in New York, but now that I live in sunny California right near a huge ass park, I see them all the time. They look, to these jaded cityboy eyes, like huge fucking bugs. Giant cicadas, maybe. At least at first - once you get a good look at them they’re actually pretty. And the way they hover and flit about is crazy! So yeah, I’m a convert to the hummingbird thing.

Which makes me almost intrigued about a mask designed to bring hummingbirds right up to your face. Called the Eye To Eye Hummingbird Feeder this weird, post-apocalyptic looking device sets a hummingbird feeder right in between your eyeballs, and then you entice the birds to come on by. And then you look at them.

It was invented by Doyle Doss, and you can buy one for yourself at his website for the low, low price of 80 bucks. It looks like just the helmet to make you stand out at your next Renn Faire.

Here’s a video of the mask in action:

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