GREEN LANTERN Film To Feature Differently-Abled Superhero

The GREEN LANTERN movie is going to feature - if even for a moment - one of the weirdest members of the Green Lantern Corps. And that’s saying a lot.

Please meet Rot Lop Fan, the F Sharp Bell.

As most of you know through osmosis or the Cartoon Network or your friend who won’t shut up about Green Lantern, the universe is divided into 3600 sectors, and each member of the  Green Lantern Corps is assigned his or her or its own sector, protecting it with their power ring, which manifests whatever the ring bearer conjures, using solid rays of green light.

This was fine for years, until noted author and troublemaker Alan Moore got involved, and started asking a lot of busybody questions, like the one he posed in Green Lantern Corps Annual #3, in which the Corps attempts to recruit Rot Lop Fan, a member of a species that exists in a galaxy of total darkness, and therefore had no concept of color or light. The words “green” and “lantern” mean “jack” and “shit” to Rot Lop and his bros.

But galaxies need protecting, light or no light, so Rot Lop Fan is given special dispensation, his ring reshaped into a bell which emits the note “F-Sharp.” Dude even gets the Green Lantern oath rewritten for him:

In loudest din or hush profound
my ears hear evil’s slightest sound
let those who toll out evil’s knell
beware my power, the F-Sharp Bell!

If ever four lines crystallized Alan Moore’s crazy genius…

Anyhow, now Rot Lop Fan is in the movie, as evidenced by this action figure.  Does he have a scene in the film? Do they actually bother explaining all this shit? Probably not, but his inclusion indicates the GL team is doing its homework and having some fun. Or maybe someone at WB just wanted to piss off Moore one more time.

Here’s what Rot Lop Fan looked like in the comics:

via The Daily Blam