It Might Take Aliens To Bring Peace To The Middle East

A science fiction short film competition reveals what Jerusalem could look like in 2111. Turns out we’ll be happy for the alien invasion.

Could the next Neill Blomkamp come from Israel? David Gidali is the winner of a science fiction film contest imagining Jerusalem in the year 2111; his film posits that it may take extraterrestrial intervention for Arabs and Jews to finally come together.

Secular Quarter #3 is the name of the short that won the contest; in the dialog-free film a Jewish man and an Arab woman stand separated by giant cages that cordon off neighborhoods. Suddenly UFOs descend from the sky, lifting the cages, and the man and the woman stand face to face.

The contest was sponsored by Israel’s Association of Planning and Conservation; Avatar producer Jon Landau was among the judges. It may have been an easy contest; looking at the ‘Best of’ reel they have on YouTube very few of the films seem particularly professional.

Apparently the Jerusalem Development Authority is considering turning the short into a full length feature. Hope they write some words! And find the Israeli Sharlto Copley!