Last Chance To Win A Complete Set Of Tyler Stout STAR WARS Posters!

Enter now and you can win the awesome Tyler Stout STAR WARS trilogy of posters!

Artist Tyler Stout made an amazing trio of posters to cap off MondoTee’s Star Wars series. They, of course, sold out in minutes. They’re going for between 500 and 1,000 bucks on eBay right now.

We have one set to give away.

That’s right. We’re giving away a complete set of Tyler Stout Star Wars posters. To people who are on our mailing list. Which means if you want to win one, you best get to signing up for our mailing list (the option for which you should see displayed on the right).

This is the last call; we’re choosing a winner tomorrow before the next newsletter goes out. So get yourself signed up. And don’t sign up and just unsubscribe - we’re going to be giving away exclusive prizes to our mailing list members from here on out.

And if you win this and put the posters on eBay I will personally come to your house and beat your ass.